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  • Setup Time:   This is the time it takes us to complete a financing transaction, from the initial request to negotiating terms, to processing the required documentation and filing all the necessary documents and ultimate funding. We have a deep understanding of our industry and can therefore achieve the efficient completion of this cycle in the minimum amount of time. We do what we can to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Liquidity:   Because of our expertise, we are able to make smart and confident valuations of the quality of your receivables, our collateral. Irrespective of your size, we have the ability to extend credit to you, get you the funds you need and provide you with the liquidity vital for the ongoing operation and growth of your business.
  • Flexibility:  There is always a complicated balancing act between rates of return, the appraisal of collateral, the extent of financing and the flexibility of the terms and covenants.  Because of our expertise, combined with the “hands-on” approach and personalized relationships, we have the maximum amount of flexibility to cater for unusual and sometimes unexpected demands for additional funds on the part of our clients. Ours is funding of the old-fashioned kind; personal and based on individual judgment. You will never be subject to a “one size fits all” approach that treats you like a number – the approach of large institutions without the personal touch
  • Innovation:  While continuing innovation in how we process , record and fund our transactions is something we keep at the forefront of our service philosophy, we also recognize that we have a product and a service that needs to remain routine and effective.   When it comes to the provision of Working Capital for you to pay your way, we believe that the newest gadgets, the fads of “new ideas” are out of place in our environment.  Getting you the cash you need in a way you can easily understand and relate to, is the name of our game. Innovation is adopted only after considerable thought and discussion – and we have bright minds to rely on, so when we need to innovate, we do – quickly!
  • Patience:  Our clients can be assured of our patience. We set out to deeply understand the nuances of your business cycles and because we take such a personal interest in the success of our clients (your success is, after all, our success), we are more willing to stick with our clients during economic downturns, and when dealing with events that can hurt performance in the short term.  The last thing a client needs is for a Working Capital facility to be terminated just because of the proverbial “bump in the road.” Not only will you find us patient (if patience is called for), you will also find us with the requisite resources to back up our patience with the financial support you might need.
  • Insight:  Because of our broad and yet detailed exposure to the many different industries within our portfolio of clients, we have developed insights and expertise to help our clients craft and execute strategies in many areas. In addition, we have in-house legal counsel, experts in the credit industry, and a wealth of experienced financial managers  – and bean-counters if we need them- to serve as sounding boards to our clients as they deal with the rough and tumble of their individual business situations. If you need us for helping to reach solutions that might be “out of the box”, try us. You will not be disappointed.

In the final analysis without saying anything in fancy English, you will find that we provide a superior service, that we are personally committed to every single client’s success and that while we will certainly be business colleagues, we will also be your fan and your friend helping you as you navigate the currents of your business life. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our existing and past clients, if you will. But more than that, why not pick up the phone, and get a feel for us yourself? What better way to start a new relationship than with a friendly conversation?

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