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When to Consider Factoring

Now arriving ahead of schedule:


When your company routinely finds itself short of cash to cover payroll, pay its bills timely, or if you do not have the ability to fund growing sales, it is time to look for outside financing.

Outside financing can come from Credit cards (heaven forbid), family and/or friends (dangerous to healthy relationships), or more pertinently from a Bank as a line of credit.

Should none of these be available (especially in the case of a Bank), or insufficient for your needs, Factoring is the ideal tool to use to propel your business to new levels of productivity and growth.

Factoring provides Working Capital,  based on the value of your sales to credit-worthy customers and has the flexibility to grow with you as your sales increase. Importantly, factoring allows an infusion of the Working Capital needed for companies large or small as the funding relies on the financial strength of your customers, rather than on the strength, profitability, cash flow or net worth of you or your business.Factoring can save you the cost of operating your in-house credit department and so allows for the effective utilization of your human resources. Unlocking the cash available in your Receivables can ease cash-flow problems. Factoring provides predictability in cash flow under all circumstances. Factoring maintains cash flow where there would otherwise be a slow-down in the rate of company collections (when times are bad). Customers pay more quickly when they know a Factoring company is acting on your behalf. Aberdeen can provide Credit Insurance on large credit lines and on risky ones. If you are embarking on Capital expansion, Factoring gives the money to do so easily.  Aberdeen can also help established clients with additional short-term unsecured loans to cover unexpected demands on cash resources. If your company is considering the acquisition of another company, perhaps exposing your company to a new and unfamiliar customer base, Aberdeen with its effective and professional receivables management procedures already in place, will cater to your need for enhanced Credit management. And since granting trade credit is the equivalent of making an investment in another company, Aberdeen’s infrastructure and support helps prevent unsound investment decisions