On Going A Journey

The very word “entrepreneur” conjures up ideas of independence, excitement, wealth, freedom. How many of us, tied to the desk of some corporation or another, vexed by the attentions of insensitive superiors, judged by the dictates of others, long to start our own businesses?

We imagine the relief we would enjoy if, somehow, we escaped the cage we have locked ourselves in, if we spread our wings and soared above the rest, relaxed, joyful, fulfilled – and then become frantic at the difficulties we have to face…alone.

Being in business for oneself is, like Life itself, “Going a Journey.” Yet it is not an easy journey, it is not one on which we embark with others. It is a journey with a retinue of followers who depend on our judgment, our decisions, our abilities and rely on us to do the “right thing”. But it is essentially, a journey alone.

“The soul of a journey is liberty, perfect liberty, to think, feel, do just as one pleases. We go a journey chiefly to be free of all impediments and all inconveniences; to leave ourselves behind, much more to get rid of others. It is because I want a little breathing-space to muse on indifferent matters that I absent myself …for a while, without feeling at a loss the moment I am left by myself.” 1

While we dream our dreams, while we imagine ourselves successful, accomplished and heroic, there is not one among us “independents” who does not also dream of material success, reward of our talents, our efforts – and a life of prosperity.

Yet the truth is, we cannot accomplish our dreams alone. We cannot reach the successes we so yearn for without the support, skills and wisdom of others. We search the bookshelves and internet for books of insight and guidance. We seek out others who travel different roads to the same place, but finding the ones we need, when we need them, is an elusive task. How many times do we have the chance to find out how to realize Entrepreneurial dream to which we aspire?

“Because in the end, being an entrepreneur is more than ever the way you can choose your path and find the deep satisfaction of walking it. You can earn your days without being beholden. You can make something, affect the world, leave something where nothing once stood. You can turn work into meaning for yourself and for others. You can be proud. You can leave a wake. Come good or ill you can assume responsibility for yourself, and be whole and be who you were meant to be.” 2

So, if you dream the dream, if your heart bursts with desire to break the mold, if you aspire to the kind of success that only you (alone, but not alone), can achieve, join me and a team of experts at “Entrepreneur Night” on February 9th at a “Vision to Wealth” by clicking the image below for a complimentary ticket. You have nothing to lose except perhaps the dream itself!

1: William Hazlitt, New Monthly Magazine, January 1822.
2: 75 Reasons to be glad you’re an American, Published Oct 2005, Inc. Magazine.

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